We are currently full.  If you’re interested in being informed of future auditions, e-mail ragen at and we’ll keep you updated!

Become part of this professional group of plus-size dancers!  More Cabaret welcomes Women of Color and Queer women to audition.  We are made up exclusively of plus-sized dancers. While we love dancers of all sizes – this troupe is specifically about putting talented fat women on stage.

What you need

  • Be there early, in form fitting stretchy clothes appropriate for movement, already warmed up and ready to dance.
  • A recent photo of you that we can keep (you can print it out on regular paper if you prefer)
  • Water and a towel
  • Dance shoes if you have them (jazz preferred but whatever you have is fine)

What to expect

Learning several pieces of choreography

An optional prepared piece of your own choosing – no less than 30 seconds, no more than 60 seconds. You can choreograph it yourself or learn something off the internet or a dance film, Glee, whatever. It is not for public performance, only for audition. This is to help you – if the choreography section goes badly this could save your audition!

What you should know:

This is a professional troupe and a serious commitment. We rehearse every Sunday from 11am-2pm and rehearsal is each of our first priority every Sunday morning.

We are a new troupe, just starting on our path to world domination.  We do paid gigs, our own shows and fundraising. We are partially self-funded and all members (including the director) split the costs for rehearsal fees and sometimes costume and travel. None of us is independently wealthy and we try to be as budget conscious as possible, typically it’s around $10-15 a week.

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