Dance Classes

Live Classes: Come Dance With Us!

We do workshops around the LA Area, keep checking this page for information (or Like us on Facebook)



DVDs: Rock Your Livingroom!

Volume 1:  $20.00 (Including shipping for US and Canada*)

Volume 2:  $20.00 (Including shipping for US and Canada*)

Both DVDs:  $35.00 (Including shipping for US and Canada*)

*If you are outside the US and Canada e-mail me at ragen at danceswithfat dot org for shipping rates.

What the classes are:

Fun, easy to follow, non-intimidating, choreography-based classes with options to suit dancers of all levels  Each DVD contains a warm-up/cool down, full length beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, and dance parties for each class. (Scroll down for full descriptions)

What the classes are not:

They are not slickly produced or fancy. They were filmed to be the same experience as taking a class with me – I’m not wearing make-up, and I’m not interested in looking perfect. I am having fun and I hope you will too!

For full descriptions, music lists and information just click here!

4 thoughts on “Dance Classes

  1. Thank you for claiming your power and rocking it for all us fat girls, this is a great example of our unlimited possibilities ❤

  2. I really really want to take a class with you lovely ladies!!! I’m waiting to hear about you offering a class!!!! ahhhh

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