“She is large and in charge, chunky, yet funky. Bold and Beautiful baby!”
~Latrice Royale


Here is our documentary short by Alexandra Lescaze for PBS’s Independent Lens:

Here are some highlights from our show “Gimme More!”

Our Performance at Burlypicks!

Burlypicks 1 Burlypicks 2 Burlypicks 4 Burlypicks 6

Pictures from our More Medley photo shoot with Kelly Varner

Fun with a Chair Height Line Lean back!


Pictures from the More Cabaret and Variety Show

More Cabaret Burlesque  More Cabaret Burlesque 1 More Cabaret Burlesque 2 More Cabaret Burlesque 5 More Cabaret Chair Dance 1 More Cabaret Chair Dance 2 More Cabaret Chair Dance 3 More strikes a pose

Bottoms up

Pictures from our Pitzer College Performance 

IMG_20140419_132946_969 IMG_20140419_133114_049 IMG_20140419_135355_771 IMG_20140419_135435_372 IMG_20140419_135425_623 IMG_20140419_135411_975

Pictures from our show “Gimme More!”

Candy Man PopCropped Entertainer Final Pose cropped mama kickline Entertainer  I just wanna 2 I just wanna 3   Chair dance 2 Brittany!Chair dance 3  Cropped chair dance 4

cropped mama 4 i just wannaThe Entertainer Meet the EyeFinal Bow


Pictures by Kelly Varner of Varner Photography

More Cabaret 1.26.13 A Fatty Affair

Picture by Kelly Varner at A Fatty Affair 2013

Backstage at A Fatty Affair!

Group shot 1 Group shot 2 Group shot 3 Group shot 5 Group shot 6

Untitled 0 00 00-01

On your marks…

Untitled 0 00 10-21

Get ready…

Untitled 0 00 13-08

Get set…

Untitled 0 00 16-04


Untitled 0 00 32-10

Arch like you mean it!

Untitled 0 02 41-22

We love retraction kicks

Untitled 0 02 59-07

Blowing kisses to everyone

Untitled 0 03 18-23


Untitled 0 03 32-13

Well by now we’re getting all bothered and HOT!

Untitled 0 04 08-05

We salute you!

Untitled 0 04 13-11

Long live “The Thing”!

Brittany on the dance floor Candyman 2 Candyman 6 Candyman 7

Rehearsal Pictures

Concentration – we’re doin’ it right.

Who loves partner stretching? Aurora loves partner stretching!

Yay partner stretching!

This is actually way less tragic than it looks.

Speaking of partners, Ericka notes that this move looks much cooler when her partner is there!

Aurora also loves the death drop!

Chaine turns at break neck speed?  Victory!

Chaine turns at break neck speed? Victory!

Five Minute wall sits are a favorite past time of More Cabaret Dancers

Five Minute wall sits are a favorite past time of More Cabaret Dancers


Brittany, Tiffany and Ragen work some choreo out during a break at rehearsal.

No, really - Tiffany is helping JD with her false eye-lashes

No, really – Tiffany is helping JD with her false eye-lashes for our dress rehearsal

more dress rehearsal 021

Welcome to dress fitting day. But really, who needs the rest of the costumes?

JD and Aurora book extra rehearsal and get the big room all to themselves.

More Cabaret at Play

6 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Pingback: I’m Fat and It’s Okay | More Cabaret

  2. Beautiful, talented ladies! Going to have to time my next visit out there to see one of your shows! Keep shimmying, ladies!

  3. Big girls – you are beautiful!

    If I may share a story, I used to be a naturally thin girl and all my life, despite having a ginormous appetite and a healthy BMI. One would think being skinny would make me the most popular girl in school – but instead – I was teased for being too thin, had people spread rumors of me being anorexic, and was bullied for looking the way I looked. I guess this was before size zero was a fad in my part of the world 😛 I never hated my body – I ate what I wanted, when I wanted – but I was sick and tired of having people constantly pass comments on my body.

    Of late, I have started to see curves sprout on my formerly skinny frame. I did not do anything unusual to gain weight, I guess my metabolic rate just decided to slow down, as is normal for most women in their 30s. I was alarmed initially, only because I got so used to counting the ribs on my chest, and was upset that I did not fit into my favorite clothes. But I liked the fact that had a whole new body type to enjoy, and a whole new choice of clothes to try out. My BMI continues to be healthy, and I eat what I want, when I want.

    I assumed that the thin comments/jokes/meanness would stop – but instead, the same people who used to say I was “too thin” now say I need to “lose weight” as this “new look” does not suit me. Oh yes – I forgot to mention size zero is now hugely popular in my part of the world 😛

    So the way I see it – people are mean, and will always have stupid things to say -whether you are fat, thin, tall, short, whatever. People are dumb and get swayed by the crap they see on beauty magazines instead of embracing individuality. Most people are insecure about their own bodies and are too scared to say “you look nice” to someone else.

    I am appreciative of the few people in my life who love me for who I am, and not the way I look or looked. I pity the insecure ones who live their lives judging bodies and pray that they rise above their insecurities – and eat what they want, when they want.

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