Meet the Girls

Alice Fu

Alice full body 2Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, I began dancing ballet and jazz at an early age. Later in San Francisco, I trained in belly dance, kathak, and flamenco. Inspired by the rhythms and passion of flamenco, I studied the art form for several years in Andalusia, Spain. I have danced on the stages and streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Jerez, and Seville, and taught belly dance and flamenco in the U.S. and abroad. Deeply invested in the movements for fat justice and body liberation, I have made the fat dancing body a focus for academic inquiry and I graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with an M.A. in Performance Studies. When I’m not in the dance studio, I can be found on my bicycle, or with my nose buried in a book.

Brittany Marie 

Brittany chair twoI am fat, fabulous, and just a little spooky. I have been known to describe myself as “a hearse with rainbow curtains.” I am a freelance photographer, plus size model, and burlesque dancer. I strive to be an example of how to love yourself and rock the body you got. Dancing is a way to show myself and others that being big isn’t limiting. It’s freeing. I believe in jiggling myself to freedom from judgement (external or internal) and shimmying along the lines that society tries to draw in the sand for what is a “good” body or a “bad” body. Find your beat and groove like there is no tomorrow. Stomp your feet, clap your hands, and give a little twirl with your middle finger held high if anyone tries to stop you.

Mackenzie “Mack” Davenport

Mack full body 1I started my first ballet class at the age of 4 and dancing quickly became a part of me. Ballet, jazz, tap. You name it, I tried it. As a fat girl from the midwest I took as many dance classes as I could until I found myself in a level of competition that I wasn’t comfortable with, both physically and mentally. I backed out of dance and realized the joys of theater and that became my new creative focus. It wasn’t dance but it was close! I turned into a drama nerd and involved myself in community theater backstage work for many years. During that time I came to love my body and everything it does for me. After moving to LA, I was looking for something to fill that creative void when I found Ragen and her amazing dancers. I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of women and to get back to my first passion- dance.

Ragen Chastain

Ragen Chair 2As a professional dancer and size diversity activist, I have dreamed about More Cabaret for years. It is an opportunity to work with amazing plus-sized performers and highlight some of the beautiful and talented fat women who our society’s weight stigma and prejudice try to keep from view — especially in the dance world.

12 thoughts on “Meet the Girls

  1. My heart is lighter, and life is so much more positive and hopeful, when I see women who look like me achieving and creating beauty.

  2. I read an article by Tiffany Kell and wanted to send a virtual hug of gratitude about Project Bendypants. I currently teach Abundant Body Yoga and was grateful to read about her experience as a student in most yoga classes. As a teacher, this direct feedback encourages me more than you know to keep doing what I’m doing with love and full acceptance. Keep up the lovely work ladies and I wish you well.

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  4. To all at More Cabaret,
    Your attitude is so refreshing and you are all an inspiration, not just to other plus-sized women, but to anyone who has ever been told they don’t fit in with modern society’s narrow expectations.
    I am just getting started with my own blog about fashion and beauty for all and hope to highlight the many faces of what it means to be beautiful. I would be thrilled if I could ask you more about being big, beautiful women and how you learnt to be confident in your own skin to use as material in my blog.
    Keep up the great work!
    Unorthodox Dolly ❤ xxxx ❤

    • Congratulations on starting your own blog and thank you for your kind words. Feel free to e-mail me at ragen at danceswithfat dot org and I’ll connect you with everyone.


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